Digital Cinema Packages generated the easy way – with FinalDCP

Creating content for the silver screen can sometimes be quite a feat. Combining different source material into a perfect Digital Cinema Package (DCP) takes a lot of effort. Well, not any longer, since FinalDCP lets you realize perfect results in a rapid and easy way.

And with the FinalDCP player you can check out and review DCPs without the need of an expensive server, making absolutely sure you have the quality in audio sync and color accuracy your are aiming for.

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Fast and exact: FinalDCP supports most formats

Whatever your source material, you still get an exact result in color and sound, all this combined with speeds several times faster than run-of-the-mill DCP programs.

And another big advantage: a floating license lets you use FinalDCP on several machines on your network. Ideal for networked places or freelancers working in different environments.

Free trial version available

Several options to increase the power of FinalDCP make it the fastest program to produce results fit for cinema usage – with no other tool required. And you can try the power of this tool with a free version, just a few limitations apply.

Rendering faster than real time is effortlessly done, even on a laptop. And the same laptop can also act as a dongle when working on a workstation, so no time is lost with copying files.

Try FinalDCP and play out perfect results via the FinalDCP player– both usable on Windows and Mac OSX. FinalDCP player allows to review DCPs without the need for expensive server technology.

What our customers are saying

After downloading the FinalDCP FREE Edition and creating our first DCP within 3 hours, it became clear we can create DCPs on our own using FinalDCP. A few days later we bought FinalDCP and 3 days later screened our first DCP for a festival. Timm and Axel were super responsive, giving instant feedback on all questions or helped us with understanding problems.

We now have created more than 10 DCPs in various cut versions, so FinalDCP saved us more than it costs.

Thanks to the FinalDCP team for this easy and robust option for inhouse DCP creation.

Martin Weisz

Final DCP and Final DCP player are extremely powerful tools for independent filmmakers. It takes your project from desktop to the big screen using a simple and logical user interface. Final DCP is incredibly easy to use and the results are fantastic. Tech support from Timm is first class.

Sammy Huen

Need help? We take pride in our support

If you need any support, please talk to us. We take pride in our first-rate support of our programs.

Easy access to the developers and quick response times make FinalDCP and FinalDCP Player a tremendously well supported movie software.

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