A DCP (Digital Cinema Package) has following components:

– VolumeIndex

– AssetMap = In this file all assets, that are referenced in the DCP, have to be listed here with the full file path, relative to the location to this file. The asset map does not contain any hashes, and because of that can be manually changed, without breaking the integrity of the DCP (the VolumeIndex, AssetMap and PKL are the only files in a DCP where this is true).

– PKL = Packing List = A packing list is a list of identification information about a distribution package. Said another way, a packing list describes a particular distribution package by enumerating its contents.

– CPL = Composition Playlist = A composition playlist is a representation of a single complete work, such as a motion picture, trailer, or an advertisement. The composition playlist specifies the manner in which track files are rendered and is an ordered sequence of reels, each mimicking a film reel.

– MXF files containing video, audio or subtitle data.

– …

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