Have you ever been in the position, where one of your DCP didn‘t play in a theatre and you didn‘t knew why? Are you in a position where you need to be sure your that your DCPs will just work? Or are you working for a festival and want to find prob- lematic DCPs without any effort? Then TiME_QC is just the right tool for you.

TiME_QC ships with FinalDCP Player

TiME_QC is a very easy to use DCP QC tool. Simply open your DCP and TiME_QC will send you a detailed QC report as email when its finished. Because TiME_QC is not a cloud based service, this is a very fast task and you have complete control over your material.

  • Interop & SMPTE DCP support
  • XML Schema validation
  • XML Certificate validation
  • SHA1 hash validation
  • MXF validation
  • PDF reports
  • send reports as email
  • validate multiple packages simultaneously
  • watch folders
  • Windows & OS X