Create Key Delivery Messages

If you need to create and distribute Key Delivery Messages for your DCPs, TiME_KDM is the right solution for you. With its very intuitive Drag & Drop UI you are creating KDMs in no time.

TiME_KDM is included in the FinalDCP KDM module and can also be purchased as a standalone version

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TiME_KDM with its easy to use UI

Simply Drag & Drop your CPLs from the DCPs you have created with FinalDCP or DKDMs and the server certificates into the application, select the desired timespan and you are done!

TiME_KDM runs on both Windows and Mac OS

Minimum Requirements OS X

Mac Pro Intel 2-cores, 4 GB RAM or better

Max OS X 10.7 Lion

Minimum Requirements Windows

Intel Dual core, 4 GB RAM or better

Windows 7