FinalDCP & FinalDCP Player BUNDLE

1.999,00  excluding VAT

Combine the power of FinalDCP and the flexibility of FinalDCP Player. This package is everything you need to bring your ideas onto the big screen.


With the FinalDCP & FinalDCP Player BUNDLE you get a complete toolset to create and review DCPs.



Originally created as in-house DCP encoding solution to satisfy some festivals we sponsor each year, FinalDCP has quickly become an outstanding tool to create content for the big screen. For public release it got a fresh redesigned graphical user interface which is simple to understand and fully drag‘n‘drop.

Never before the creation of DCPs has been so easy, fast and streamlined. FinalDCP is your on-stop solution to create DCPs from about any important source format, using the scaleable power of your entire network. The core technology behind is the exact same network render engine which has been developed for Converter. Render faster than realtime by combining the power of multiple computers.

FinalDCP supports many source formats directly, such as RED R3D RAW, GoPro-CineForm, GoPro-CineForm 3D, GoPro-CineForm DPC (aka DPX-C), AVID DNxHD, Apple ProRes, Grass Valley HQX, Quicktime, AVI, TIFF, JPEG2000, DCI MXF JPEG2000, WAV, and more. FinalDCP is the best additon for simply all editing systems existing to create a DCP directly from your timeline output. No other tools required.



FinalDCP Player

The FinalDCP Player allows you to review DCPs without the need of an expensive Digital Cinema Server. Regardless if you just want to check that you are distributing the right DCP, or if you need a QC for audio sync and color accuracy, the FinalDCP Player is the right solution for you.

With the ability to use a BlackMagic video card, you are able to review your DCPs in the same calibrated environment as your Color Correction sessions and this up to 4K! This allows you for the first time to be absolutely confident in the quality of your DCPs. If you don’t have a BlackMagic video card, you can use the second video out from your graphics card, for full screen reviews.

Because of our floating license model, FinalDCP and FinalDCP Player are a must have for every Colorist and Freelancer. Just use your laptop as a dongle and use our software on any computer in your network!