FinalDCP uses floating license management within a network infrastructure of FinalDCP clients and a RenderManager server. The floating license is suitable for running the RenderManager as one server in your network but staying flexible in regard to the use of your workstations. The clients have to be connected to the RenderManager via network in order to exchange (issue or return) your licenses.

In general, there are two ways to license our products. First the initial licensing after you have bought and installed one of our applications. Second the moving of an existing license to another workstation. In both cases the RenderManager application manages the licenses.

To use FinalDCP as a trial you can also choose to start FinalDCP FREE Edition. For it no license is required.

NOTE: to avoid issues within the network communication between FinalDCP and the RenderManager do only install one RenderManager server within your network infrastructure. Therefore FinalDCP FREE Edition is the best way to profile your network infrastructure and to choose the machine you want to use as a RenderManager server before you request the activation licenses.


1. FinalDCP FREE Edition

If you don’t own a license for the FinalDCP application you can still use it as the FREE Edition. After you have started FinalDCP and no licenses were found in you network you can choose the FREE Edition.


The FinalDCP FREE Edition is fully featured and supports unlimited RenderNodes (incl. the SpeedPack). Thereby you can profile your network infrastructure to decide how many RenderNodes you actually need. The FREE Edition does not support MXF and JPEG2000 source files and a watermark will be added.

You can also use the FinalDCP Player as a 14-days trial. Therefor you need to send the Machine ID by email with the subject “Player Demo” to:

To see how to get your Machine ID go to chapter 2.1. License Manager.

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2. Initial Licensing

After you have installed the software modules you need to start the RenderManager application. The RenderManager will either start automatically when you start the FinalDCP application or by starting the RenderManager directly.


To open the License Manager you need to navigate in the menu of the RenderManager to “Help -> License”:


Now the License Manager opens in a new window and shows the status of your licenses. When you start the License Manager for the first time no license information will be shown.

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2.1. License Manager

The License Manager generates a Machine ID specific to the server it is installed on. To get matching activation files for your applications you need to copy the Machine ID by clicking “Copy” and paste this content (RenderManager Version, OS Version and Machine ID) into a new email that you have to send to:


We will provide separate activation files for each application by email (e.g. FinalDCP, FinalDCP Player, RenderNode). The activation files will expire after 10 days. After this period of time you have to send another email with the Machine ID to receive valid activation files again. Safe this files to your workstation. 

To install the activation files into the License Manager you can simply drag and drop all files onto the empty space of the License Manager:


For the installation of the activation files you will be asked for the administration password for each file. After successfully adding the license files each license will be shown in the License Manager:


Quit and restart FinalDCP to complete the activation process.

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3. License Moving

To move an existing activation to another RenderManager server you need to deactivate the product on the last workstation it was installed on. Open the License Manager (see how to navigate to the License Manager in chapter 2.1. License Manager) and right-click on the product you want to deactivate on this workstation. Click the popup window “Deactivate License” and confirm the following info box by clicking “Yes” to deactivate FinalDCP on the actual workstation (you may be also asked for the administrator password):


After the deactivation you will get the following message window:


While deactivating FinalDCP a deactivation file was send to your desktop. To move the activation to another RenderManager you have to send this file (e.g. FinalDCPDeactivationKey2014-04-01_10-00.dat) by email with the Machine ID of the new workstation (see above how to capture the Machine ID) to:

We will then provide new activation files by email. Install the new activation files as described for initial licensing (see chapter 2. Intitial Licensing) to your new RenderManager server.

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