Innovative Pixel Tools

We have combined all our products in one package. You just have to choose, if you want to use Mac OS X or Windows.

  • FinalDCP

    Easy to use: Professional DCP authoring software

  • FinalDCP Player

    Reviewing DCPs without the need of expensive servers

  • TiME_QC

    QC you DCPs

  • TiME_KDM

    Create Key Delivery Messages

  • RenderManager

    Manage you licenses and render jobs

  • Worker

    Use the rendering power of your network


Innovative-Pixel-Tools (20-12-2017)

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Release notes


  • fixed not creating SMPTE-DCPs with subtitles (FinalDCP)
  • fixed GrassValley Codec wrong Size detection (FinalDCP)
  • fixed memory leak (FinalDCP)
  • fixed audio not importing (FinalDCP)
  • fixed audio channel not assignable (FinalDCP)
  • fixed not opening with Mac OS X 10.10 (FinalDCP)